This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Please go to the Forum to apply, i will not be taking applications here, but I will be answering questions about the server here. the server forum link should be located under the Website URL. Navigate there and submit an application under the post New Player Applications dont create a new post, just reply to the existing one.

Vanilla MineCraft server, I do use snapshots when available and stable.
Server is White Listed! our little group has become almost like a famil. we enjoy to hang out with eachother and just have fun. the whole point of this add is to make our comunity go and have fun doing it. Im looking for people who dont quit, like to build, and people who dont jump from server to server. I would like to have a group of people that are long term players, that dont need every thing handed to them.
Also: I dont like bullies, and I dont like grieffing, I will ban you for being either.
I will try to read the forums as much and as often as possible, but I do have a job and I do play the game so moderating the forum is lowest on my list of priorities.
Im not going to TP you out of trouble, or replace items you lost when you got killed or fell from a high place. Im not going to kick or ban some one because they are AFK at an XP farm unless they are truly abusing it, and I will determine if they are or are not. Dont be racist, even if you are of like race using racist terms between your selves, I will ban you, if you have to talk like that, then whisper it tell username . Cussing is ok, just take into account kids play this game the majority of the time.
This isnt a place to Hook-Up so no creepy talk about how and what your going to do to some one, again kids play this game. I am the ADMINOP I do TP and Fly at times to check on people and builds, if your going to cry about that, then dont join, I do not build in creative, I only spy on you in creative o . I do give gifts occasionally for being a good player, birthdays, great builds, so either accept the gift or destroy it, dont cry about it.
I have two other OPAdmin on the server.

Again, Apply at the Forum, you do not have to join the forum to apply, but that is the only place that i will acceptconsider, approvedisapprove applications.

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