This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Zenith Survival


Hey there! Welcome to Zenith Servers

This server is a economy/survival server. The goal is to get more money, or "Nuggets", to rank up. The more you rank up, the more perks you gain. You can buy things with nuggets from the server shop as well as the virtual shop from other players.

There are no donor ranks. The only thing you can get with real money is more nuggets; we at Zenith Servers are tired of servers being run by donors and want to have the same experience for everybody.

This is a generally quiet server with a very respectful staff team. You can always go to our website to report anything, or you can message us directly. Whichever you choose, we will always try our best to help you out.

Rules and Regulations:

[1] Be respectful to all users.

[2] Have a friendly attitude

[3] Use common sense

[4] No hacks and/or modifications to the game

  - This doesn't apply to Optifine

  - X-Ray isn't allowed whether it's a mod or texture pack

[5] Don't take advantage of bugs/glitches

[6] No griefing

[7] No spamming or excessive caps

[8] No advertising

[9] No conning/deception

[10] No foul language

These rules can also be found in-game (/rules)

Commands available for default players:
/rules - Shows all of the server rules that you must follow. There will be consequences if they aren't followed.

/sell [hand / inventory] - Sells the item in your hand or inventory to the server. You will be paid in nuggets in exchange for what you sell.

   /sell hand - Sells the item in your hand. Be careful! If you have a stack of this item, the server will take the whole stack as well as any other                              stacks of the same item in your inventory. If you don't want to sell all of the particular item, use: /sell hand [amount] In place of                            [amount], put in the quantity that you want to sell.

   /sell inventory - This sells your ENTIRE inventory! Be very careful that you   don't sell any precious items as the staff won't be obliged to                                            replace them.

/pay [player] [player2 - optional] - Sends money to a player(s). In order to use the command, you must give money to at least one player. You can add players by putting spaces between their usernames.

/market listings - Shows the listings of the things other players are selling. You must have the right amount of nuggets to obtain the item(s).

/market create [price] [amount] - Adds your own listing to the market. Other players are allowed to buy these items from you via /market listings

/sethome - Allows you to teleport back to that position with /home. You are only allowed one home until you rankup to the appropriate rank.

/rankup - If you have sufficient funds, you will be allowed to rank to the next level. This doesn't require real money, only nuggets; however, you can obtain nuggets with real money in the Donation Store.

Have any other questions? Please notify a staff member or friendly community member.

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