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InterWorld (Interactive RPG & Survival Server)


InterWorld Questing and Survival is an interactive questing experience!!

Have you ever joined a pre-made, pre-populated RPG world with custom monsters and cities that were hard to understand or explore?

Our server, not only is new, but features RPG content generated by THE PLAYERS!! That means, if you want a city in the North Highlands - Build a city in the north highlands!! Think there should be a dungeon in the Forest? BUILD ONE!!

Once you reach level 4, you will be able to claim land in the RPG world and build. From level 1-4, you can interact with the RPG world by questing and exploring, but you will not be able to modify the world or make changes to it until level 4. Until then, you can quest, or you can simply play SURVIVAL.

InterWorld is secondary, an economy server. This means you can spend the money you gain by questing, exploring, and selling blocks, to buy more blocks to help build your city even better; Or using the marketplace (in game) to buy blocks for your survival world.

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