This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RockCraft - A brand new Factions server!


Rockcraft is a new Faction PVP server, not 24/7 yet but if we get lots of active members we will make it 24/7, and remember, donations always help! You are allowed to grief and raid enemy factions, its a new server so no-one will have an advantage! We are looking for someone who knows a lot about plugins and permissions because we don't know that much, its like rocket science to us ^^ We have done some permissions but only the basics. If you help us you will get the [Developer] rank which is higher than Moderator but lower than admin. The owners are (Main Owner/Host) Rockon222rocks (others) Purple_Dino_RAWW and larrsson7.... Hope to see you there ;)

As soon as we hit 10 members (Maybe 5) There will be a drop party, Mob spawners and if you're lucky you will get PROT 5+ ARMOUR AND SHARPNESS 8 SWORDS


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