This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Vulpinecraft [TOWNY] [MCMMO] [JOBS] [ANARCHY] [SUR


Vulpinecraft is a server with loads of fantastic game modes! We offer towny, creative, anarchy and vanilla! We host events weekly and we accept players of all skill levels and ages!

Towny is a lovely game mode where you have to create a town and work jobs to earn enough money to keep your town afloat! Work as a miner, woodcutter or even a hunter to earn the money you need! McMMO will help you get that money faster!

Creative is a great world if you just need some space to design something with friends or you just feel like making a little something! The possibilities are endless!

Anarchy is for our players who love a challenge, It's only for the most hardcore of players. It's vanilla Minecraft with no rules other than don't hack the server! Do what you please as this world is pure chaos.

For our players who just want minecraft with as few plugins as possible, we offer vanilla, It's minecraft, pure and simple. The only added plugin is LWC so you can lock and protect your chests and lock your doors so no one can steal your items, It's a real fun time! We hope to see you soon and we're always looking forward to more players to call our guests!

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