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SkyTribe Factions


SkyTribe is a raid based factions servers recruiting new members to come and enjoy the wide variety of features and plugins we hold on our server.
Some of these include:
-PvP ELO system (ranked pvp)
-Balanced Economic System (Coming Soon)
-Mythic Drops
-Magic Spells (Coming Soon)
-TnTable Obsidian
-Many More!

Our goal in creating this server is to help create a place where the most skillful and intelligent players will come out on top.
WE WILL NOT HAVE DONATE-TO-WIN SYSTEMS. Donators will get certain perks that are balanced and not give a sure-fire edge over non-donators.
In our staffs' experience throughout our years of minecraft play, we have always enjoyed faction raiding as the most fun aspect.
As a result, we have decided to make this server focused around fun and fair raids that give both parties an exhilirating experience.
Raids are intended to be common and rewarding, whether in items or in plain experience.

No Discrimination
No Advertising
No Posting Innappropriate Links
No Hacked Clients
No Spamming
No Glitching
No Xray
No Random Griefing
No Asking for ranks
No Bitching
Use Common Sense

This server is open for all ages, but SWEARING IS ALLOWED.

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