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Minecraft-Jar is a server that is home to all apart from people who cause grief. We don't want players to grief or steal. This is a friendly community that respects players and offers alot of features.

These features include


Donations help you get things you want in the server quicker, also, you can advance above other players with exclusive content just for donators.


Set out and do tasks that are avaliable from spawn. Complete the quest, receive the gem and return it to the quest hub to get money. This money then can be used to get ranks, or use the shop

Boss Arena

We have a big boss battle arena that allows users to put an item in (list below) to fight a mob of that category. The boss will throw you in the air and perform special attacks on the player to kill you. He isnt easy, so armor up!


The creative world is exclusive to donators. This £5 package allows you to have a huge plot to yourself where you can build whatever your heart desires. However, you mustn't build anything immature or racist or you will get banned

Ban Management

If you get banned from the server and would like to see how long for, and/or the reason, visit: and search your username. TO get ubanned, simply have £15 ready at the donation page to instantly unban yourself. This unban tool is only available once per user.


Use you money from server games to advance to a higher rank. Ths will show your character off to other players on how epic and dedicated you are on the server.

Server Details



On the website, look for the Vote tab on the right under Links. When you vote, you will receive $100 in-game cash for your spending :)

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