This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Survival Dungeons
Player's Town
Player's Town 2

Survival Focused Mature Minecraft Server**

Welcome to the Ultimate-Survival-Craft. [PLAY TO WIN][FREE TO PLAY][LAG FREE][24/7][GRIEF PROTECTED][SURVIVAL] A place where you will meet friends and create what you want with the support of an active economy and a massive world full of excitement. Make money, Build an Empire, defy your new friends to PVP in the arena or at your home town and earn money doing it! No building restrictions (with the exception of large Redstone complicated circuits), BUT no worries because we have multiple dungeons in the world and JOBS for easy EXP, Money and Loot farming! Earn it, its yours! Want to sell your loot? Yes you can! Use our /Shop, /sell or even better build a Shop at your own Town using [trade] signs and put you own price! Become a Commnner and join a town, Become a Villein and own a Town, or become a Regient to Build and Rule your Nation with all the Towns of your friends and start a War if you can afford it!! Got bored of that old Diamond Sword? Come try the Death Scythe and many other Balanced Customized Items that will let you Conquer Minecraft like never before. Don't bother putting a sign locket on your chest, they are auto locked to you when you place them down and can be modify by you free of cost. Staff is very friendly and very eager to help you! Don't forget its Survival, Ultimate Survival Craft!

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