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"Welcome to StoneVale!"
Are the words you hear our staff and community say when you enter our server!

You start in a small quartz circle which has a few portals around it. Two of the portals draw your attention, one has a sign beside it that tells you that this portal leads to a no-holds-barred griefing world, the other has a sign that tells of a peaceful world where griefing and PVP are illegal.

You will soon come to learn that ranking up in the server is simple, play for a while and you'll earn the rank known as "squire" instead of being a lowly commoner.

Within the reaches of the griefing world, you spawn. You find a few signs that bring great attention to those with great riches, there are monster spawn eggs for sale. You decide to save up and buy a creeper, which will later act as an easy way to destroy your enemies.

                                                 Server info:

When you join the server you will be offered to join one of two worlds, the griefing/pvp world, or the friendly world.

The friendly world has PVP disabled and griefing will get you banned, whereas in the grief/pvp world you will be allowed to do anything except use a hacked client.


Upon joining you will have the commoner rank which permits anything you would expect a starter rank to have (/spawn, /f create, /home, etc.)

After playing for a few hours you may contact n8mo and have yourself moved to the squire rank, this rank simply means you have a name that shows up in chat better than others, you will still have the same permissions as commoner.

With an easy payment of $2.99 a month (USD) you will have renewable chain armour and enchanted iron tools. This rank also entails the ability to fly and makes you stand out in the chat tenfold as to what squire would do.

With a one-time payment of $14.99 (USD) you gain all the abilities as duke, and also have the ability to transform into a chicken or cow.

These are the "Knights" of StoneVale, these moderators have the ability to fly, turn invisible, track griefing, bypass factions, and much, much more. To apply to become a knight, play for 24 hours or more, then email me at: ""

The highest of the high, the best of the best! These valiant soldiers are the very reason the server has not crumbled into oblivion. They are my administrative members, to apply to become one, first achieve the rank "Knight", then with exemplary behaviour as a Knight the owner will select you individually to become, this GREAT honor.

Asking for ranks you do not have the ability to acquire, or blatantly asking for OP will get you permanently banned. Squire is the only exception of this rule.


To apply to be unbanned please contact me at, or one of my admins at

The proper format for your un-ban request is displayed here:

What you were banned for:
Why you think you should be unbanned:
Why your unbanning would benefit the community
If you do not get a reply within 10 days, you may resend the email. If you still do not receive a reply, we do not approve of your appeal and ask you to move on.

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