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Welcome to Quartzcraft. The best new server with an all out freedom system. We believe that a server is rated by its quality, not its quantity. We strive and aim to create a close knit community with grand factions.
Join now to get the early bird bonus and stay a step ahead of the rest. Lag? Forget it! Quartzcraft is equipped with 8gbs of DDR3 Ram and dual core dedicated server. You wont ever have to place a block again repeat a task.


Be a master of air, earth, fire or water with the bending plugin. Don't change, make the world shudder. The elements will bow down to your awesome powers. Become a living legend.


Explore the vast Amplified! mountains of Quartzcraft. Do you have what it takes to be the ruler of the skies? Build Magninficent sky piercing structures and arches. Or pvp in high risk combat zones!


The staff is handpicked and have a vast area of expertise and knowledge. They'll always be happy to answer your questions or to help you with something. No power abuse is allowed for them, as they have rules to live by too. You never have to worry about a staff member abusing power


Become the greatest badass lonewolf with mcmmo perks, or unite and conquer lands with your friends. Engage in all out war and raids. Destroy the enemy! Power to you!


Set a bounty on a player to get your revenge, or go rogue and kill bountied players to collect a cool cash prize and his head as a thophy. Go alone or take a furry friend. The choice is yours!

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