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?{CRACKED} ??FourthWind? ?{CRACKED} ?


IMPORTANT! WHEN YOU GET ON THE SERVER YOU WILL BE ASKED TO REGISTER! DO /register THEN MAKE UP A PASSWORD AND THEN WRITE IT AGAIN! SO IT WOULD LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS! PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR OWN PWASSWORD! /register password password . Hmmm....Where to begin. Ill start from the beginning. When I first started playing minecraft with a offline-mode client it was so hard to find a nice offline-mode server that me and all my friends who had bought minecraft can play on. So we found this one server that had lots of freedom and nice people. But the staff were total jerks. I've played with avengeuiwill on this server. I found it through him. So we played this server and it was nice but like I said the staff were stupid and ignorant. So when I became mod, then admin, then head admin on this server by playing and helping (and not asking for ranks) others I was happy. But then the server shut down because people weren't donating. When it shutdown, we had no idea what to do because there wasn't a server like that that had all this freedom and good rules. So I decided to make my own server. And here it is. It has factions pvp and more and more to come! We've been around for a while now and have lots of experienced plays and we are noob frinedly. We have nice staff and I'm sure of it. And also tell the people on what sent you to the server. Lots of good players and stuff to do. RAIDING IS ALLOWED AND NO GRIEFING!! This is a strict rule. So please come and check our server out ;) Find me, "iltkamil" and say hi. I will say hi back. Im always on unlike other owners of servers. And there is a way to get free ranks to!
Help others, stick around, and advertise the server BUT DON'T ADVERTISE ON OTHER SERVERS!! Also follow rules of course and have a sense of humor. Humor is always appreciated on the server as long as its is appropriate. See you in fourthwind ;)
Lots of stuff going


  • PVP
  • Hunger games
  • Factions
  • Spleef
  • RPG (Work in progress)
  • Events (seasonal and holidays)
  • Give aways! (When server gets full)
  • Always adding new stuff!

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