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We have many cool games and features, but I would like to point out is that two things will be not open to use or play those two things is the arcade and the donator ranks, we are working around the clock to get these things open for your best experience but we have 3 other minigames you may play such as the following, Factions - This is a game where you try to raid others peoples bases to gather loot, while you do that your own clan will gain power and may rise to fame and prosperity, Skyblock - This is a game in which you spawn in the sky in an epic looking island and you must use what you have very carefully to best support yourself, you can purchase a variety of items at the shop! Kitpvp - Depends on if you want to fight a load of people or you want to do one vs one(s). While you gain money you can purchase kits rise to fame on SlimePvPz as best pvper! In the donation store, we have 3 ranks, you can purchase these ranks in subscriptions, or lifetime ranks. The difference here is, a lifetime rank is a lifetime, a subscription only lasts 30 days before you need to renew it. Our forums have staff members online most of the time if you have any questions feel free to make a thread and a player, or staff will answer very soon! For donation issues please email, for support, they will ask you questions, just answer the questions they have! Next, how to apply for staff - How do you apply for staff? well its simple, first what you have to do is, sigh up for enjin, after you sign up for enjin, then what you will have to do is, join our website then you would want to click hover over applications, from there you would want to choose the application you would like to apply, for Trainee is the first level of staff and is considered a moderator, DEV - Is a person who knows how to code and will makes plugins for the server and will code modules for the website. GFX - They will make renders, pictures and videos to best showcase our server! Next thing we are going to cover, is how to donate, this is easy, go to the website, then hit donation store, after that what you would do is click the picture of the thing that you think you might want. You see the info, then you Minecraft name, after that fill out the billing info, this will go to making sure there is no billing failure. The hit pays now, it will take you to PayPal, fill out your account settings and hit pay, this will take money from your PayPal and send it to CJ then you will get the item you paid for in-game! This process should only 1 min to 24 hours, if there is a problem email

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