This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Starting off in a prison server you are a low ranking prisoner you could be a A-prisoner or a fish or whatever the server decides to call the lowest level prisoner. In order to rank your way out of prison you need buy your way to the next level of prisoner this is typically done by mining and selling mined items to the prison shop. As you progress up the ranks in the prison you unlock warps that grant you access to higher level mines that yield more and more minerals. Eventually you can rank your way out of prison and as a free player you get access to the world which is literally the factions plugin. Prison itself usually has two sets of rules. Server rules which you cant break and result in a ban and prison rules which you can break but if you get caught by a guard you risk death or being jailed. (an example of a prison rule would be having axes or strength pots be a contraband item. You can have it but if you get caught with it you're screwed) There are usually safe areas and pvp areas inside prison and ideally prison guards roam looking for trouble (Guards have completely OP armor and weapons because they need to be feared but should be hand chosen by staff)

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