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What it so special with Alchemist Kraft ?
You can protect your own areas against grief with Factions.
You can have massive Faction vs Faction Battles.
The server is located in- USA.
Mcmmo so you can earn levels in almost everything! (Highest level is 250).
Experienced admins.
Plenty of minigames to make sure you wont get bored!
Nice neat updated Website to make it easy to stay up to date!.
Small server, where it is easy to find a place to build.
Mcmmo is off for PvP so there are fair fights!
Check out the server, you will not be disappointed Posted Image
Short about Alchemist Kraft - history.
This server is new. We have much experience about Minecraft servers so your trust is safe with us!. We wanted to make a server for all kinds of players. A server that is online 24/7. A legal server, with no cheating. A server where players could claim their own land, and build with other players and or Fight them!, without being afraid of getting killed by a hacker.

Since the day the server has started there have been much developing. We wanted a stable server, and have therefore been working hard with all bugs, to prevent crashes, and such thing. We opened the server for the public Recently, And the server should now be both stable and ready for big amounts of players.

We welcome all players to our server. We are open for any suggestion! If you have any thoughts about Alchemist Kraft please tell them. We want to develop our server, so do not be afraid of telling us about bad and good things about the server. We also look for players that can help us administrate the server. Check out our forum if you want to be a part of our staff.

Short Plugin list
WorldGurd - Protection of spawn.
Factions - Players can claim their own land And have massive battles!.
Mcmmo - Skills, for pretty much everything! Adds loads of fun!.
Essentials - Plenty of commands at your disposel!
ClearLagg - Clean up the server files and keeps the server lag free!.
Group Manager - Groups and Ranks for everyone!.
This is only a fraction of the plugins we have 50+ Plugins!.
This is a legal server. No one of our players has permission to cheat commands like /give and /fly. No one has overpowered permissions. The admins can go into the console and edit the server files, but this will only happen when it is needed.
[Admin] - Has access to all the permissions.
[Owner] - The owner of the server..
You can find the donor ranks here:
You will find much information if you go to our webpage. -

If you have any questions, scream them out!

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