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Chronic Factions is a Faction PVP Minecraft server. We use a hoster, and have 4GB of RAM supporting our server, so it is insured we have minimal to no lag. Our server runs around the clock, 24/7 so you may enjoy it whenever you like! When you join, you have access to /kit starter, which includes some tools, and enchanted iron armour, you also have the ablility to use /kit XP, which gives you Bottles O' Enchanting. We have a selection of ranks you may donate for, each rank includes its own kit, several commands, and in game blocks and money. Our server's spawn has a big shop with many items in it to choose from, we have 2 PVP arenas for those of you who want to brawl, and 2 mob grinders, 1 Passive, 1 Hostile. We have usual Drop Partys on our server, mostly we set a goal such as if we reach a certain ammount of players on the server, we will have a drop party. Our server has many plugins, such as Factions, Mcmmo, and Kits. If you wish to donate, go on the server and do /Buy.

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