This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to our Server!

Here is some information on the Server!

For a start..the IP :
(choose either one, they both link to our server!)

?[Capture The Flag]
We have built maps, from Halo, which have been done by hand!, no software or downloading was done, all built by hand. A new map from Zelda is being made, which has been picked by people from the server, and will now be made from the Server Staff Builders.

Factions is very useful on the server, since it keeps all the players engaged in the playing. There are many Factions and by day more and more are being created!

?[Protection If Wanted]
The server is Factions so we cant other for other servers!
If you would just like to play and build, then that fine!, we other you a rank, which you cant do factions on, but build, and you will be given materials, since you want to build!

?[Friendly Staff]
All staff have been checked.
Before donating we have to get to know you, and we talk to you about the proceedings and if we think you tick all are requirement boxes, then welcome aboard!.
All Staff are friendly, and greet the players, and help them as soon as possible!.
All Staff behave, they do not break the rules, and do not abuse power!.
All Staff members come online daily, so there is always help when needed!.

?[New Ranks]
We have done lots of thinking, and made new rank names, and new permissions, so come have a look at check them out!

?[New Spawn]
The Spawn was getting old for the Server,
So are Builders decided to make a new one, its been about a month of work, and we are still not finished,
They must work 24/7 on the server, making sure everything is fine, and to get it complete!.

This section is for what else is happening in the Server,
Due to the fact we are having a completely new server (Everyone keeps what they have and buildings just new and better things to the server), we are adding loads of new features!, such as Adventure, with big battles, new quests, fighting the boss!, and dungeons and a whole lot more!.

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