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BMine encompasses of nostalgic minecraft with a slight twist. Our aims are to establish a bonded community that is friendly and helpful, and allowing new players to join and be part of this community. The casual gameplay of BMine allows a platform for players to mingle and enjoy the facets of casual Minecraft.

Although this is a relatively new server, we would like you to join us as part of the gradually expanding community. Our community-centered mindset allows for player interaction and bonding rather than complex gameplay elements to the simple Minecraft that we all know and love. In addition, PvE elements such as a mobarena and Blood Moons will eventually be added, as well as PvP through some battle arenas.

Bmine is a server that is in the midst of constantly growing and expanding, we would greatly appreciate your imput and feedback by joining us as part of our community! :D

The Bmine Team

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