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Thanks for taking a look at this amazing server!
This server was created in 2016 August since then we have worked really hard and improved the server a lot!
This server has a friendly community and everyone is really nice on the server!

This is a Faction's / Survival Server with a bunch of cool feature's and plugin's,
we have over 40+ Plugin's so we have a lot of cool stuff for you guy's.
we also have mini-games for you people who like to play fun little game's!


  1. Be Respectful
  2. No advertising unless you pay money
  3. No Greifing in creative only.
  4. No Impersonation
  5. No Offensive or Racist Comments
  6. No Spamming

Donor Ranks:
[Premium] How to Achieve? | Donate 5$
[VIP] How to Achieve? | Donate 25$
[MVP] How to Achieve? | Donate 39.94$
[Helper] How to Achieve? | Help out a lot
[Moderator] How to Achieve? | Fill out Application when wanted.

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