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Hello and welcome to the official AxBlade server forum post.

Let's start with me, I have over 3 years experience with Minecraft servers and have worked for 2 hosting companies so I know what I'm doing. I have been playing Minecraft for over 3 years too so I know pretty much all there is to know about Minecraft.

Now for the server,

The server has a lot of awesome plugins to cater to every kind of player there is. If you want to be a mean, lean fighting machine then you can. But if you want be protected as a peaceful player then you can make you faction peaceful. This lets players play how they want to. The server also has the MythicDrops plugin which will spawn mobs rarely with enchanted weapons and armor each with their own lore and story behind them. Unidentified items will be dropped much more commonly and are normal until you identify them with an identification tome. The tome can be dropped by mobs or craft with 3 books and an Eye of Ender. Once an item is identified it can be "socketted" with sockets rarely dropped by mobs. These sockets appear in the form of a Diamond, Emerald or Nether Star. Sockets give the identified item powerful enchantments so you can get the edge over your opponents. Mobs with also drop money when killed but you will also loose money if you kill an animal tamed by someone. You can then buy useful items in the server shop. The server also includes Horse Keep plugin so that other players can't hurt your steed, you can teleport your ride to you and you can store your horse in a virtual stable.

Our staff are mature and experienced and will be able to help you with you every need. You can apply for a staff position on our website.

The server is in Beta at this time so please report bugs on the website.

We hope you join the whole new Minecraft experience and have fun!

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