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Hello and welcome to coffecraft! We are a minecraft server that has places to advertise your server for free! And yes we now that coffee is spelled wrong! We also have amazing mini games! We are currently building the map right now so feel free to comment if you want to have your own stand! And also if you want to help build!

           Want to have your own stand?

To have your own stand all you need to do is ask in the comments and own of the Admins or owners will start working on that as soon as possible.

              What do I put in my stand?

First off it depends on you! What do you want to do in it? Do you want to advertise your server? How about tell every one about your planet minecraft profile! It all depends on you!


There are only a few simple rules we would you to follow in order to stay on the server!

  1. Don't advertise in the chat unless its advertising your stand.
  2. Respect other players don't be a jerk!
  3. Respect the server it self! Don't do things that could lag the server!
  4. Respect the staff
  5. Don't grief or use any mods other than opti fine
    Rules for having a stand
    There is only a few simple rules to having and running a stand.
  6. Don't give out items unless you have the ok from mop8899!
    Told you this was going to be easy! Those are you only rules!

    What to do on the server?
    The main point for this server is to help others advertise there servers youtube pmc ect. So something to do are walk around the booths! Go explore other people's servers! We also are in the process of having mini games! Spleef parkour and PVP!

                      Contact us!

    Ways to contact us is through face book:
    Are website:
    Twitter (making soon): coffecraft
    Skype: mop8899

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