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The Dark Ages: War & Conquest


The year is 476 A.D; the Roman Empire has just collapsed, toppling the global economy and destroying the small amount of cultural mixing that existed. This is when your journey begins. You will start the game in the sewers of Rome, right after barbarians ransacked the city. You came to the city for a reason that is up to you, but now your goal is to find a way out and back home or how to start a new life.

DAWC is a white-listed role-play server based in the Dark Ages, a time of chaos and isolationism. You will get to play on a realistic map of Europe as anyone you wish to be! You can create your own civilization, conquer lands, or roleplay to your hearts content; it's all up to you!

Our server is currently in development, but we do intend to open it within the coming weeks. Feel free to check us out at, where you can find a complete list of rules, apply for our whitelist, meet our developing community and learn more about our server!

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