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Mortis Realms is a relatively new (but quite successful) factions/pvp survival bukkit server. It is in its early stages, so we need some players! If there are any questions about the server, please leave them in the comments.

Plugins we feature:

  • MobArena

  • McMMo, spigot

  • Factions

  • EasyJetpack

  • Multiverse

  • Plots

  • Many more!

Since its creation, new worlds/features have been added including:

  • mob arena

  • a new creative plotworld

  • a parkour world

  • in-depth, non-paid and paid ranks (/rankup)

  • voting and rewarding system

  • jetpacks!

  • an epic new spawn

  • multiple shops

  • less lag

We are always doing our best to expand and improve the server. More features are planned for the future as we receive donations, including:

  • 1v1 PvP

  • Prison world

  • more ranks

  • other small, 'cool' tweaks

  • Hunger Games(?)

  • Other minigames

If you like helping out, having fun, competing and building, this is the server for you!

The Rules


Currently, we only have 5 rules, but here they are:

  • No cheats

  • No advertising/spamming

  • No asking for staff

  • No excessive griefing

  • Maximum of 3 spawners each (due to lag issues - as the server updates, the max number will increase)

Current members of staff:


The Ranks

When you first join your server you will be a [Mortal]. There are various ranks that you can gain during your time on the server. As you gain and sell items, you will find yourself becoming wealthier, until a point in which you are able to /rankup. When you rank up, you will gain access to new kits, commands, shops, warps (and other cool stuff). These ranks do not cost any real money.

If, however, you want to go the extra mile for the server, you can always donate! Depending on the amount you donate, you will gain access to epic new kits, commands, warps, worlds (and even an exclusive jetpack!). If you donate and get the VIP/Immortal rank, you will be able to even change the time and weather!


So, here are the ranks:

  • [Mortal]

  • [Citizen]

  • [Swordsman]

  • [Guard]

  • [Veteran]

  • [Knight] (donor)

  • [Lord] (donor)

  • [Duke] (donor)

  • [King] (donor)

  • [Emperor] (donor)

  • [Immortal] (donor)

With each rank, you get more and more commands (e.g. changing weather, using lightning, reading peoples' private messages (>:D) etc.)

Main features

Mob Arena:


See how long you can last out against mobs! Play with your friends as you battle against wave after wave of monsters. The further you get, the more rewards you get.

Plotworld (Lord rank or above):


If you've had enough of fighting, check out the creative world! Claim a plot and build on it. If you are not the required rank, you can still view others' creations.



If you are looking for a challenge, try the parkour: it is available for [Veteran] players and above. New parkour challenges are being added soon, so stay tuned!

Survival Factions:


And of course, there is the classic Surival Factions aspect of the server: Build, compete and form alliances with other players and own the strongest faction of them all!



Thank you for checking out the post! We are only just getting started with the server, so stay tuned, enjoy your time on the server and expect more soon! Feel free to give feedback in the comments section!

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