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About Us

Muffin Servers are a simple approach to prison Minecraft. Theres absolutely NO whitelist, so you can join right now! You dont need to jump through hoops to play. You have chain armor and iron tools when you log in, and youre free to walk out of spawn to begin playing. No whitelist , no asking for ranks, no  ­.

What We Offer

We provide a safe and friendly place to play. We have state of the art antigrief methods to provide security. Along with this, we only promote the best of the best players to be on our staff. No longer will you be abused by incompetant Moderators and Admins.
Our multiple levels of antigrief starts when a player logs in. If they have a bad ban record, our admins will know and monitor them accordingly.
From their first login on, players are always monitored for signs of being a griefer. All block destructions are monitored and logged into a database. Each destruction is analyzed by our custom-coded and highly secretive grief detector. If it suspects a player of being a griefer, it will alert an online staff member and the player will be paid a quick visit by a human to confirm or deny that he is a griefer. If the player is a griefer, he will be rolledback and all his damage will be undone.
We also offer the RegionMarket plugin, which lets you rent a cell for $500. Just select, type, and no one else can edit your cell! Of course, trusted friends can always be allowed in. All of this is done by you, so no more waiting around for admin assistance.

If youre just looking to play survival minecraft, check out our vanilla server! If you prefer building on more interesting terrain, weve got you covered there as well with our normally generated world!

If you impress us with your builds, you could get promoted to the rank of Architect. If youre an Architect, you have access to the Architect world. This world is the super-flat lands built into Minecraft, and we encourage the building of grand and elegant structures on it.

The Staff

Muffin Servers is co-owned by two competent and skillful Admins, each with over a year of Minecraft hosting experience, and employs a large staff so theres virtually always someone online to help you out. Unlike many other servers, you cannot buy yourself a spot on the team. The only way to be promoted to a staff rank is to be a quality player who is competent, mature, and active in the community.


  1. Do not grief
  2. Do not use hacks, cheats, or exploits
  3. Do not attempt to lag, crash, or otherwise hinder our server.
  4. Do not spam
  5. Do not advertise other servers
  6. Be excellent to each other
  7. Do not ask to be staff
  8. We will remove offensive structures and floating platformsstructures.
  9. Do not make lines around the map (this includes minecart tours and bonemeal lines)
  10. Obviously, dont try to hack us. If we catch you trying, well backtrace you and report you to the cyber police

Under The Hood

Our server is hosted on a dedicated, rather than virtual, server. Here is a list of our resources:
Intel Xeon E3-1245 V2 @ 3.4GHz
100mbits uplink
2x128gb SSD in RAM
No lag!
Play without being disturbed!
Plugins installed on server: Not telling

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