This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Factory Kingdoms

Factory Kingdoms


Welcome to Factory Kingdoms!

We strive to offer the absolute BEST Minecraft server experience out there by offering a wide variety of game modes such as Survival with Factions, Creative Plots , PvP with custom kits, arenas, and so much more.

The majority of servers out there often close after a few months due to lack of funds or what have you. FK is different. We promise to NEVER close our doors. Therefore, your hard work is secure here.

There are also some servers with rude staff... FK different. Our staff are ALWAYS kind and respectful. We do not ban without a reason such as deliberately break the server rules "just to get attention", harassing other players, etc.

Most servers lag quite a bit because they're home hosted... FK is home hosted, but we attempt to optimize the connection and hardware it's running on to ensure the best possible performance thereby eliminating any kind of performance hit.

Speaking of performance optimizations... We run on the Windows 10 operating system to again ensure we achieve maximum performance at all times. The owner and server maintainer, FindingTuffyy, is always tweaking the server and it's hardware to find the sweet spot for best performance possible. (P.S SERVER IS NOT 24/7! IT WILL COME ON AT CERTIAN TIMES!)

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