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Description:Hello Splitsions And Today We Finally Open Our Server The IP - We Are Hosted By NodeCraft So We Got A Pretty Stable

Hosting Company And I Think Our Server Will Turn Into A Cool Server And Nice

And Survival But 1st We Need To Go Through Some Rules/Things To Talk About Let

Start Of With Rules
No Griefing

No Stealing

No Hacking (Includes Hacked Clients We Can Track People That Log In With

Hacked Clients)

No Spawn Killing

No Tpa Killing

No Being Rude (Includes Staff And Players)

No Starting Fights

No Claiming Random Land

Do /helpop {Message} If U Need Help

Ok Thats The Rules Now U Guys Need To Now Who The Staff Are So Lets Go 

Straight To That And Also The Highest Ranks At The Top Go Down To The Lowest

Rank (eg. Owner Is Higher Than Developer But Developer Is Higher Than Co-Owner

Owner - {daddymann}

Co-Owner - {Dustyg1}

Head-Admin - {jakexx5}

Admin - {AndJohn69}

Mod - {Looking For One}

Mod - {Looking For One}

TMod- {Looking For One}

TMod - {Looking For One

TMod {Looking For One}

Ok That Was The Staff Ranks Ok Now Some Info About Our Server
Things We Have






Many More Things Coming

Now The Main Things

IP -

IP -

IP -

IP -


Ip -

Ip -

Ip -

Ip -

Now A Couple More Things We Are Looking For Some Staff Atm But U Will Need To

Comment On This Post With This App Completed With Every Question Answer When U

Post A App U Will Go Through A TrialMod Where We See If We Can Trust U.

In Game Name -

Age - (Be Honest)

Staff Experience - (Be Honest Dont Lie About It Name The Server To)

Why Do U Want To Be Staff On Our Server -

Hours On The Server - (Must Have Atleast 50 Hours Before You Even Post A App)

What Would U Do If Someone Was Spamming -

What Would U Do If Someone Was Using Caps -

What Would U Do If Someone Was Griefing/Stealing -

What Would U Do If Someone Was Tpa Killing/Spawn Killing -

What Would U Do If Someone Was Hacking (Includes Hacked Clients) -

Ok Thats About If Any Questions About The Server And Problems Just Comment

Below And Also If I Dont Get Back To Your Questions/Apps Within 48 Hours Thats

Means I Am Busy Or Got Other Things To Do But Remember Your Apps Must Be Very

Good So Good Luck To The People Who Have Fun On The Server Or Are Trying Out

For Staff But Anyways I Am Off Now So I Will Cya Later splitsions

A Little Bit Of Info I Might Of Mist Out In Was The Server Is Only 45 Spots

Available So I Would Be Starting To Get Cracking Into The server And Go Mining

Before All Those Ores Go Away And The Never And End Will Be Reset Every Month

So I Suggest Not To Build In There.

Plugins:TimTheEnchanter Groupmanager WorldEdit UberEnchant EnchantCraftV1

ColoredTexts SimpleAutoAnnouncer AdminFun Multiverse-Core WorldGuard Minigames

iConomy SurvivalGame CoreProtect Server-Essentials PvPScoreBoard SignLoger

ClearLag GriefPrevention Votifier MobArena PluginTools RestartAnnounce

Essentials EssentialsProtect EssentialsSpawn Enjin-Minecraft-Plugin LWC

EssentialsAntiBuild EssentialsKitEdit EssentialsChat




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