This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Bedrock Penitentiary


Welcome to Bedrock Pentitentiary!We are a Minecraft Prison server.

The ranks that are currently in the server are:
C:You currently start out on rank C. This is the basic rank. You have the starter mines and the starter shop to rankup!
B:This is your next rank. It will cost 15,000 to get to this rank! You will have access to a new area and a new mine.
A:This is the third rank and currently costs 35,000. You will have access to a brand new mine with diamonds and diamonds blocks!
Elite:This rank is for experienced users. It will cost you another 35,000. You will have access to a mine with diamonds, diamond blocks, redstone, iron ore, coal ore, gold ore, and emerald ore!
Free: At this rank you will have access to all the mines. This will cost you 100k
Citizen: At this rank you will have access to a XP grinder for all of your armour and exp needs! This will cost you 1 million.
Civilian: At this rank you will have access to /hat. You will be able to wear any block on your head. This rank costs a hefty 5 million.
Veteran: At this rank, you have mastered prison. You have access to /nick. You will be able to change your nickname and have colors in it. This costs 10 million, only a true prisoner can achieve this.

Donations ranks!
Diatanium: This will give you access to exclusive kits, a donation mine which includes diamond blocks, and emerald blocks. You will get access to /nick and /hat this rank currently costs $10.

Platanium: This will basically give you the same perks of diatanium except better! The mine here is better and includes more diamonds than the other mines! The kit you will get includes protection 4 armour, a sharpness 4 fire aspect 2 sword, and unbreaking 3efficiency 4 shovel and an Unbreaking 3efficiency 5, and fortune 3 Pickaxe! You will also get access to /nick and /hat! This currently costs $25.

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