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Pie-Pvp Factions Raiding/Economy



 We are a factions raiding and economy server with friendly staff and open staff positions.  We need more players and would be happy to give players staff ranks when they apply on our website.  We are in progress and are still building, but are very happy to accept people in.

 As of now we are having trouble with some of the plugins.  We are planning on getting an npc plugin and we need to fix multiple plugins, however we have a system so you can sell anything from your base or wherever you happen to be, however, to buy, you must go to a shop.  This is convenient while still being at least somewhat realistic.  Also, we are working on quickbuilds that are accessible to any player, a feature that may set us apart from many survival servers, and we are also working on mob-arenas, more player arenas, minigames, and a unique system called "Easter Eggs" where you find random buttons and signs and the like around structures we have built to challenge you and give you something to do.  Some of them give you very valuable items, so it is always good to find one.

 The server has been up many times before, but it is newly up again because we went down to get mcprohosting and a domain.  Unfortunately, after paying, we did not get a domain because they are working on some new system.  This means we will have to wait, however we came back up anyway new and improved and now use NO downloaded spawns, games, or anything else.  We custom-make EVERYTHING.  We need players, and anyone can get items on the server by telling their friends and verifying that they are actually their friends.  Hopefully, we will get more minigames and generally entertaining things for people and also get more applications for staff.  We are accepting people constantly for trialmod and everyone will progress if they help people.

 Come eat random pie with us and kill some random people as well!  Thank you if you seriously read this, and please join!

The link to the website is:

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