This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Shardz Gaming


Server IP:

This is a very new server, so some tweaking will definitely have to be done to it over time. So please, bear with us as we make changes and fixes.

It doesnt happen too often, but if the server goes down during a time while I am not home (every other week), it can be stuck down for, at the most, 2-3 days. If this happens, it will be because the computer shut down somehow. If that happens the current world will be lost, but the whole server gets backed up every 15 minutes. So 15 minutes worth of progress is the most you can lose, and I will get the server back up as soon as possible (If I know about it going down, I'll come home for a minute to restart it.

When you vote for the server using the website, If you are registered to the forums, and used the command '/forumreg [username]', you will recieve points. These points can be spent at the Donation Store on this website!

You can apply for staff In the Account section of the forums in "Staff Applications"



This is the default rank of Shardz Gaming, and you will get it when you join the server. They have the ability to: •Build, Destroy blocks, use the mail system, interact with things, teleport back to death point, enchantments etc.
•Use commands: /help, /list, /afk, /back, /tpa, /tpaaccept, /tpahere, /tpdeny, /clearinventory, /suicide, /balance, /balancetop, /delhome, /home, /spawn, /helpop, /ignore, /motd, /msg, /pay, /recipe, /rules, /seen, /sell, /sethome, /worth, /warp, /forumreg, and some more.


You can get the citizen rank by joining these forums! Join these forums, and do the command /forumreg [forum username]. You should be ranked soon, but if you're not, contact a staff member! Citizens have all the abilities, and commands that Guests do, plus the ability to: •Send mail
•Set multiple homes (3)
•Create trade signs
•Use commands: /me, /plugins, /seed, /tell, /version, /hat, /me, /realname, /tpaall

Builder, Engineer, Architect, and Master

You can get these ranks by voting to acquire points on the website, and then using the points to buy the next rank!


You can get the Donator rank by donating $10 or more, one time. Donators have all the Abilities that Guests, and Citizens do, plus the ability to: •fly
•Join the server when its full.
•Change their nickname.
•Use colors and stuff in their messages.
•Set up to 5 different homes.
•Use the /heal command


To get the VIP rank, you must first become a donator. Then the VIP rank costs $5 per month. VIPs have all the abilities above, and can also: •Use the commands: /toggledownfall, /time {add/set}, /firework, /firework fire,

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