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SkyrimMc 1000 Slots Ddos Protected


SkyrimMc is a 1000 slot ddos protected server that runs 24/7! Gamemodes we provide:
Hardcore Survival
We welcome gamers of all agers and have a highly trained staff team willing to offer the ut most respect and service.
Information about each gamemode:
MINIGAMES: Are minigames maps are custom built, we provide Dragon escape, Skywars, Hungergames, Survivalgames and more coming soon.
SKYBLOCK: Are Skyblock gamemode has challenges to unlock more items and enlarge your island, the first island contains a jungle tree, sand dirt and a chest full of the normal skyblock starting items.
PARKOUR: We have many different parkour maps, they are all custom built. their are different difficulty and if you complete the parkour you get a prize.
TOWNY: Are towny is on a normal minecraft map, you earn items then sell them for money and join a town or create your own! are towns cost $25000 and are nations cost $100000
HARDCORE SURVIVAL: Says it all in the name a basic hardcore survival with a few plugins for protecting chests, doors, furnaces etc.
VANILLA: Are vanilla is just plain old minecraft no plugins only your rank. Do whatever you like build a house with your friends, go mining, raid some ones house, anything your heart desires.
FACTION: Are factions is a basic faction world setup with plugins but, it also has a custom hand built map! With dungeons and castles to raid!
That's what server has to offer come join now, anyone's welcome!

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