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Server Name: Islandopolise: Skylands

Server Locale: United States Central

New Website:

SubReddit: r/HawksAndDoves

Server Address/IP:

Game Play Type/s: [SMP]


You think you're good at Minecraft survival? Are mobs too stupid? Is hardcore to girly? Are you tired of being alive? Then put your skills to the test. Only the best of the best can survive in this incredibly hostile world. We are Hawks and Doves and we present to you the hardest, most rage inducing server you've ever played on. Most of you will join and within minutes come back here on Reddit to down vote us because you aren't good enough (don't be this guy).

Has anyone managed to master this world? Only one. he has puzzled through the catacombs and destroyed everything in his path. Can you next? The next person to prove that you have what it takes?

Despite the hostile introduction, the people are quite mature and nice. Since all immature players can't make it past the first night without rage quitting, we don't have problems with immaturity. Although introducing yourself may be difficult. You may want to establish a base first, so you actually have enough time to open your chat bar. Also, griefing is allowed, but not encouraged. The map is hard enough without players attacking eachother. Their is a protection plugin to help focus attention on PvE and not PvP/raiding. Protection is easy to use, but it is limited.

What exactly makes our server hard? I could list it all hear but it is all on our website! If you want to prepare yourself, I recommend you check it out!

Also, tired of learning all the commands that go with any new server? With our new system everything can be handled form an in-game menu! Just because the server is hard doesn't mean you have to remember all those annoying commands!

Rules: [1]Be Mature [2]Don't complain when you die. [3]No hacked clients. [4]No excessive griefing. [5] No massive animal farms. [6] No advertising!

Plugins: [Essential] [Ships] [Bloodmoon] [Extra Hard Mode] [mcMMO] [Terraincontrol] [Clear Lag]

Owner/Admins/Moderators: Ajaxan (Owner: Me), CheezySquirrel, SaporiumIV, AstralBeast, Sevennumbers, Aidifex, and Rip_The_Rev.


CPU: Intel Core i7 920 / 2.67 GHz / 4 Cores

RAM: 14 GB


10 gigabit

Note: Make sure to check out our new website! We need suggestions from you guys to help finish it!

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