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![200 SLOTS] !! Mushroomcraft Survival !! Hunger G

Mushroomcraft Survival Advert


Hello there!
Mushroomcraft is a 24/7 survival multiplayer server looking for friendly players.
We have a 200 slot server with many of the best plugins, including our own.

The server is online 24/7 and is ran on it's own dedicated server with a 1000mbits/s connection for as little lag as possible-

Some server features:

  • Hunger Games

  • Faction World (in a city generated map!)

  • 3 Custom worlds. One is a resource frozen world. Resets every 30 days by an Ice-age causing all minerals to respawn.

  • Towns/Nations (Mayors invite others to towns, can apply for your own town on our forum

  • Jobs (a way to earn money by either digging ,mining ,farming ,hunting or even make your own jobs)

  • Magic

  • Skyrim Shouts

  • Assassins

  • Police

  • Drugs (Sugar is cocaine, hold shift and right click to take).

  • Drug producers (Drug producers make drugs. This is an exclusive plugin)

  • Money Printers (Prints money over time. This is an exclusive plugin)

  • Advanced PvP [Decapitate other players' heads for trophies, blood effects,
    [Sheath your weapon on your back]
    [Leaderboards in all arenas and normal pvp/pve]
    [Random/custom armour and weapons]
    [Health Bar]

  • Jails.

  • Server-wide events [Hunger Games, horse races, drop parties]

  • Zombie Survival

  • Boss battles, raids and dungeons!

  • Money system.

  • Chest, block and command logging including a rollback system. (Admins/Mods only).

  • World Guard (A tool used to prevent any grief in an area).

  • Shops (You can create your very own shop)

  • Xray and other cheat detectors.

There are many other plugins as you will see and many many more to come, just request some and we'll take a look.

We now also have a forum, if you like the server why not join the forum at

We hope you enjoy the server, leave a comment for a request or feedback or even if you're just generally interested in joining!

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