This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Retronix Drug Cartel: A friendly, yet drug infused server.
Q: What can I do on this server?
A: You can do a lot, including pvp, build as you wish (In survival mode), build huge drug making farms to sell drugs and earn money, and create giant factions to take over the community.
Q: How do I start?
A: When you first join, you will be at "Civilian" rank. You're going to want to type /rankup then /kit drugs to get started. After you have ranked up and got your drugs, run as far away from spawn as you can, and build a massive farm.

There are 10 drug ranks along with 4 VIP ranks, as of right now. The ranks are as follow (In lowest to highest order)
Civilian: $0
Taker: $0
Addict: $5000
Grower: $15000
Distributor: $30000
Smuggler: $100000
Dealer: $200000
DrugLord: $500000
DrugBaron: $1000000
KingPin: $5000000
TheKing: $2500000
Those are all the in game ranks that you can buy with in game money. The donor ranks are as follow (least effective to most):
VIPIron: $15
VIPGold: $30
VIPDiamond: $60
VIPBedrock: $100

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