This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Anathea - Tekkit Main


This server is Hosted by MCProHosting.

Tekkit Main recommended version. Towny for Protection/Grief Prevention. Register on the website for the full benefit from the server! Get the launcher here--

Features -
-No Wipes!
-Constant Uptime!
-Minimal Lag + Clear Lag!
-Knowledgeable Staff!
-Easy Ranks + Donation Shop!
-Tons of Voting Rewards!

-- Rules ---

  • Respect the Admins (Countess/Chancellor Ranks)
  • No Begging for Items (Mute/Temp Ban)
  • No One Block Pillars Please (Lets keep the server nice!)
  • Fill your Quarry holes! (Cover them please; keep it pretty!)
  • No Duping /Exploiting /Bugging /Intentionally Lagging Server (NO WARNINGS! Zero Tolerance!)
  • No Racism and or Insulting of fellow players (Have a problem? Report it!)(Mute/Kick)
  • No Advertising other Servers/Sites! (Mute/Kick)
  • Any sort of TOWNY bypass (Zero Tolerance/Insta Ban)

-- Griefing --
-Here is the deal; we have TOWNY. If you fail to protect your belongings; that is not an admins' responsibility to rectify the issue. I do not encourage PK/PvP but if you do not break any of the above rules while doing so then its open game!

  • DO NOT CAMP SPAWN to PK (Insta Kick/Ban)
  • DO NOT CAMP HOUSES to PK (Insta Kick/Ban)

  • If you feel you have been Griefed by exploits/cheats report it to a Countess/Chancellor and or a ArchBishop (Admin Ranks) immediately. Also post a SS and brief details on the forums in the "Report" section.

Banned Items

  • MFFS (Causes Lag/Server Stress)Temporary
  • Chunk Loaders (Causes Lag/Server Stress) Spot Loaders OK (Limit 3)
  • TNT (Towny Bypass)
  • Cannon (Towny Bypass)
  • Dynamite (Towny Bypass)
  • BC WaterProof Pipes (Duping)
  • Dimensional Anchor (Causes Lag/Server Stress)
  • Dimensional Doors (World Generation/Server Stress)
  • Mystcraft - Descriptive Book (World Generation/Server Stress)

Thanks for checking us out; and look forward to seeing you in Anathea!

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