This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MewzyCraft ? English Server ? CRACKED ? FACTIONS P



We are newborn community of new minecraft server, tending to make MewzyCraft glorious. We are trying to achieve that by helping new members of our community, with a caring staff avaliable to them. HELP US BY CLICKING STEVE


We are Ultimate PvP raiding/grief server, which members can fight each other without any obstacles. As a small community that is newborn, we can offer 24 slots, but server is 24/7 open.


? Factions ? - Make your own faction, or join one. Gain more power, make your faction stronger. Faction lands are giving you protection, but watch out for raids. You can choose either to declare wars, or make allies with other factions. You can choose to be brutal emperor or peaceful negotator
? mcMMO ? - This plugin adds RPG module to gameplay. With this plugin you have 14 unique skills that you can boost up, and which will help your quality time and gameplay.
? KitBattle ? - It's a KitPvP plugin where you can fight each other with kits. You kill people, fight them and earn money to buy new kits or upgrades. There are also soups which regen health so fights are much more longer.
? CombatTag ? - No more running of battlefield! When you PvP with other people, you will automatically get combat tagged, so when you logged out, your npc which can be killed will be created for 30 secs.
? uSkyBlock ? - Make your own island, build and survive! Based on skyblock map, it is unique minigame that adds experience and ultimately tests your survival skills. A lot of fun with challenges.
? ItemSlotMachine ? - This plugin allows you to use casinos and have fun, spend money to buy coins, and use coins to spin slot machines in which you can earn money.
? Chairs ? - Use stairs as chairs, sit on them like in real life!
? Marriage ? - Marry your loved one! Show love to your second side, and share benefits of being together, what is of course, included in this plugin.
? ChopTree2 ? - Tired of chopping tree block by block? This plugin instantly cuts entire tree with just single axe chop!
? Decapitation ? - PvP-ing and thinking you want a trophy? With this plugin, you have chance to cut opponet's head and keep it as a trophy or wear it, also right click head if it's placed to see whose head it is.
? iDisguise ? - Surprise your friends! Disguise as animals and be seen by others like you are one of them! Perfect for trolling!
? Jobs ? - Get a job, earn money only by doing it, but you keep items and it adds unique experience. By getting more loyal to your job, you'll get bigger payment!
? AuthMe ? - Simple protection plugin! Don't worry if you think someone could break into your account, with this plugin you register your account and login each time you come in server!


First of all, you have to register using /register [password] [password] . You might have to login, using /login [password] . Each time you come to server, you'll have to login again. Now choice of adventure is yours, do whatever you want without limitations! Be guided by plugins and have fun with us!

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