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[u][align=center][size=18]Royal Prison Objective[/size][/align][/u]

[align=center]The Royal Prison is a friendly and fun prison type server, where players have to mine, and sell their items in order to earn money and rank up. The objective of the server is to reach the top rank [Free]. Once you have reached the rank [Free], you are free to leave the prison, and come back whenever you want. You can also create a faction, or join one! Factions is completely optional when you are free. When you first join Royal Prison, you will be a [C] prisoner. This entitles you to enter the Tree farm, to get wood and starting tools, the mine to mine ores and smelt them, and the shop to sell your things, once you have sold your things, and have some money, you can use the /rankup command, to see how much money you need for the next rank of [B], If you have enough money, then the /rankup command will take you up to the next rank automatically, granting you access to the B Mine, containing better ores to use and sell![/align]
[align=center][[color=yellow]C[/color]] - Starting Rank
[[color=green]B[/color]] - $15,000
[[color=cyan]A[/color]] - $35,000
[[color=violet]Elite[/color]] - $65,000
[[color=blue]Free[/color]] - $100,000[/align]
[u][size=18][align=center]Owners and Staff[/align][/size][/u]

  • Tempiz
  • Blake11153[/align]
  • Quags05[/align]
  • Hoobryy[/align]
  • RazzaPro1[/align]
  • Sawhitt


  • MinerManiace2[/align]
    [align=center]On a prison server, you are going to need storage to store all of your gear, whether it's your precious sets of armour, or your blocks that you have collected. As easy and safe storage for ALL ranks, we have /chest, allowing players to store their items in a safe, virtual double chest, which is very accessible. Not enough storage for you? That's where the plots come into place. A plot is a plot of land (10x10) in the plots area, where you can build a house, if you chose to, and store all of your things in chests! Plots cost $150,000 but are permanent. Nobody can enter your plot, or build on it. If you chose to add a friend to your plot, you can, but it will cost you $50,000. If you wish to get a plot, ask a Warden/Owner, the same goes for adding someone to your plot. If you want a big but cheap way of storage, then the only other option is getting to [Free] and storing it in a base![/align]
    [u][size=18][align=center]Donating Options[/align][/size][/u]
    [color=cyan][align=center][SuperDonor][/align][/color][align=center] - $15[/align]
    [align=center]- A Custom nickname!
  • $45,000 In game money!
  • A Donor Plot in the Donor World!
  • Access to the Donor Mine/World!
    [color=cyan][align=center][UltraDonor][/align][/color][align=center] - $30[/align]
    [align=center]- A Custom nickname!
  • $90,000 In game money
  • A Donor Plot in the Donor World!
  • Access to the Donor Mine/World!
    [color=cyan][align=center][Ub3rDonor][/align][/color][align=center] - $45[/align]
    [align=center]- A Custom Nickname!
  • $135,000 In game money!
  • A Donor Plot in the Donor World!
  • Access to the Donor Mine/World!
  • Choice of [Guard]
    [color=red][size=10][Note][/size][/color][size=10]There are also plenty of donation options for factions, including things like bedrock bases and spawners! See factions spawn on the server once free for those.[/size]

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