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KaijuCraft is a 24/7 Faction PvP Server which provides a fun, compettitive and enjoyable experience. The server is regualrly maintained whilst contionuously provides updates and improvements.
Some Key Features Include:

  • McMMO
  • Time Ranks
  • Pets
  • Player Heads
  • 10 Level Parkour Course
  • Mob Arena
  • Auctions
  • Raiding
  • Active/Friendly Staff
    We not only focus on keeping the server running, but we also look for ways to reward our players. Players who are constantly active and help to provide an enjoyable community are praised and also rewarded. We also provide rewards for players who vote for KaijuCraft and hold monthly rewards for the top voters. Donators benefit the server by keeping it running and as expected are rewarded with features which can only be obtained through donations.
    We hope to see you In-game!

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