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MC Universe
Server IP:
1.8.0 1.8.1

MC Universe was created by 2 long-term gamers. We understand the needs and wants of players and will always updating our server to provide the most exciting experience as well as keeping you (the players) informed about upcoming updates and changes. We don't feel you should apply or be white-listed to play a game you purchased thats why we are completely FREE to play!

We have great staff, who help with every chance they get unlike most servers.
Server IP:
Our Website:

What We Offer

[-] Active OWNERS | Owner/Admins are on every day
[-] Huge World | 60k x 60k World
[-] WorldGuard | Custom spawn world that is completely world guarded
[-] Grief Prevention | Keep anyone from destroying your custom builds by using a Golden Shovel to claim all the land you want to build on! This means we can guarentee a 99% greif free server
[-] Unique Titles | We offer our players a way to gain unique titles through a series of events, tournaments, and donations
[-] Player Driven Economy | Player shops and warps to each shop to sell Items in
[-] Rare Items | We use a special loot system plugin that gives mobs in the game additional loot that players can earn
[-] Custom Explosions | Creeper, TNT, player damage is completely turned off allowing you to mine the vanilla way
[-] Large Biomes | We offer our players larger biomes so you don't have to worry about finding a place you want to build in.
[-] 60+ Plugins | We have a multitude of plugins that can facilitate any style of game play
[-] Viewable Online Map | We have a 3D map that you can view online!

[-] No Griefing. | This should be obvious from the above features. However, if caught doing so you will be warned. Second offence will lead to a temp/perm ban.
[-] No Spamming. |. We want our community to be able to talk to each other without the unnecessary need of spamming chat or using all caps to get attention.
[-] No Racism or Sexism. | We treat everyone with respect and fairness. We expect all of our members to do the same. Mistreating this rule will lead you to a permanent ban. No tolerance for either of these.
[-] No Hacked Clients. | If you are caught cheating (I.E using Xray, etc) you will be given a warning based on the cheat used, otherwise you may be banned temporarily or permanently based on the severance.
[-] No Advertising. | We understand the frustrations of getting a server populated that you may or may not have recently setup. However, you are not allowed to advertise it on our server. You can and will be instantly banned for breaking this rule.

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