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Welcome to RocketGaming, one of the most advanced and well configured minecraft servers around. Featuring over 6 MiniGames like TheWalls, RocketGaming is the server to play on (IP at the end of description)

-MiniGames: TheWalls,TF2,SurvivalGames,Splegg,Spleef,MobArena & Hide n'Seek
-In-Game ranks so players can rank up and increase the size of their faction.
-Player & Admin Shops so players can sell items for a profit.
-Special PvP arena made by our staff team
-A website for players to post problems in the forums
-TARDIS plugin for donors so they can travel throughtout the world & make it into a private base
-BENDING: Players can choose from the elements of Fire,Water,Air,& Earth
Much much more!

Bending Plugin- Most Servers do not have this plugin because many have not heard about it, this plugin adds bending into the game in which players can bend elements like fire,earth,water,and air. Each element is unique and comes with its very own set of moves!

TARDIS Plugin- Most Servers also do not have this plugin because many have not heard about it, based on Dr.Who's Police box this plugin adds the TARDIS into your game in which players can travel througout the server world and can customize it to be a a private lair (Only avaialable to donors)

Come and visit us today, you won't regret it!

Staff Team: [Admin]General,[Admin]Beastyboyrob,[Admin]Antoniox20,[Owner]Creeoer.

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