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Welcome to Terraferma ! We’re a survival server in essence, with some awesome plugin functionality. We have limited teleportation however, so people aren’t just jumping all around the map. We do have Player to Player teleportation at a cost though, and a settable home.

We’ve been around since beta 1.3, and we’re not your average horde server. We’re for the kind of person who wants to build and mine and hang out with some friends.

Worried about little children, griefers, and thieves?


We employ Logblock to keep your creations safe, and Towny to keep out invaders, and an 18+ only policy to keep the good times rolling!

We only have three rules to follow with the server. Remember these, and you’ll be right as rain to do as you wish.
-Don't cheat
-Don't steal
-Don't wreck someone's property

We have ways of dealing with traitors, and if you want a hint, go Google crotch hexing. Your genitals have been warned.

Now, when you initially join our server, you’ll need to complete a small lobby (we call it the noob filter) and apply to our forums, where you can learn whatever you may need about the server. The Terraferma_Forums are hosted by Enjin, so check us out.

If you want a taste of what our humble server is like, check out

Ready to join? The server IP is

If you are looking for a small community-based survival server among friends, don't want to be surrounded by screaming adolescents, and enjoy dark (and occasionally completely immature, despite our own claims to adulthood) humor, this may be the place for you :D

DO remember this: We don’t take ourselves too seriously,

Terraferma employs the following plug-ins:
-Egg Layers
-Recipe Manager
-Survival Games (We even have two custom built maps!)

Our server is hosted by CubedHost

We are looking for mature, cooperative, easy-going players. We don't need people with chips on their shoulders, griefers, derpnuggets, anyone without a sense of humor, or prudes. The players are over 18, so keep in mind, this server isn't exactly kid friendly. Hope to see you online soon!

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