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Hello, my name is GOP and my new server is going into 'beta' to see if it will become a big hit. It is called Auschwitz Detainment and is a prison-themed server. You progress through 4 different blocks to become the free. Each block has different jobs and better resources. Guards protect the prison from PvP and make sure no weapons are being used against other detainees.. Chat Keepers keep the chat clean from spammers, CAPS USERS, and advertisement. Some other features are a Black Market where players can make their own shops and sell the materials they have. Parkour, that's right we have a parkour and 2 stages! Enchant Room, visit here to enchant all of your tools or illegal weapons. A PvP arena to practice your skills against your friends. And last but not least, Donor, if you purchase a donor package you receive access to elite mines and farms, better prices and super nice private smelting.

Block D
Cost: $0
Stone Mine - Full of Stone, Iron Ore and Coal Ore.

Tree Farm - It's just that! A farm of birch trees.

Fishing Hole - Grab a rod and fish!

Block C

Cost: $20,000
Sandstone Mine - Full of Sandstone, Iron Ore, Gold Ore and Diamond Ore!

Dirt Mine - Full of Dirt, Sand and Clay.

Chicken Farm - Grassy place full of chickens.

Block B

Cost: $75,000
NetherBrick Mine - Full of NetherBrick, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Diamond Ore and Emerald Ore!

Melon Farm - Rows and rows of just Melons!

Cow Farm - Cows, Cows and more Cows!

Block A

Cost: $150,000
Snow Mine - Full of Snow Block, Iron Ore, Coal Ore and Diamond Ore!

Endstone Mine - Full of Endstone, Gold Ore, Redstone Ore and Diamond Ore!

Pig Farm - Raw Pork and Bacon galore!

Fishing Pier - A giant fishing pier!


Cost: $250,000
There are none you are free to roam the free world, create clans, build clan bases, make rivals etc.


Apply at:
No matter what you protect the prison from PvP! When a player has a sword or bow say their name and weapon they have and request it, begin a 5 second countdown and if the player doesn't give you their sword jail them for 5 minutes. If a player attacks you fight back! Everybody gets 3 PvP warnings if they're caught PvPing then they're jailed, also a player caught PvPing is to be killed. When you jail a player inform them by typing in the chat ' has been jailed for for "
/jail jail 5m

Chat Keeper

Apply at:
Keep the chat clean at all costs! No advertisement is allowed, along with CAPS or spam. CAPS and spam people get muted for 5 minutes and told why and time muted by saying " has been muted for for ". Anybody caught of advertising is to be banned IMMEDIATELY!!!!
/mute 5m
/ban reason

P.S. Don't forget to join a clan at anytime (If you are not the rank of Elite you may not create one).

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