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Welcome to Kargath, the Multi-City Survival Server. Explore multiple cities, each with their own economy, hidden away in far biomes. Start your own faction. Grow, make allies, or declare enemies. Fly solo in our PVP Colosseum. Or simply, just play Vanilla and be creative.

You spawn within the safety of a medieval town's walls. The starting spawn's store is limited to your basic items (wood, coal, cobble, dirt, bread). From there, you can venture towards the start of your first home, or you can choose to explore and hunt for newer, better cities.

What is Kargath?
We are a semi-vanilla survival server that decided to not limit our creativeness to just our spawn. Our hope was to create a server where a player can choose to play vanilla, but have the ability to explore a more creative map. All the cities with the exception of spawn are not revealed to the player. You can choose to search for them, play for creative reasoning, or play to reach the End. Each city in Kargath is different and has its own economic attributes. Find dyed carpets in the desert, buy exotic ocelots in the jungle, or just admire underwater views from the ocean cities.

Kargath is a PVP server that wanted to decrease the amount of griefing without taking all the fun out of raiding. Protect your land with Factions. Make allies. Band together to fight other factions. Be a one-man wolf pack.

How does Kargath decide the difference between griefing and raiding? We treasure our players who are truly creative and artistic in everything they do. They are the people who make Kargath an interesting and exciting place to explore. We consider raiding the use of tools and items to enter a faction area or home, remove any items of value or use, and then leave the area or home without further destruction of the blocks unless deemed necessary to leave the area.
Griefing is considered going above and beyond the means of entering an area or home, such as using water or lava, TNT cannons, TNT block placement, filling a house with basic blocks, destroying blocks without the intention of using or storing, etc. Fire spread has been disabled for obvious reasons.

The PVP Colosseum is available for players as soon as they enter the server. There is a warp available at spawn in a small house that will set you just outside the PVP area. The arena allows for spectators to watch in the safety of the stands and for the best of PVPers to brave through slowing soul sand, deadly lava pits, sticky spider webs, slippery ice tracks, and sneaky contraptions while they battle their enemies for their heads. Our health bars plugin makes it easy to see when you are clearly losing the fight in PVP, or just use it to determine when you're doing tons of damage to mobs. Show off your deadly prowess with our heads plugin. Decorate your wall with the heads of your fallen enemies (or your friends), or just keep them in a box!

In depth Enjin forums where you can talk about changes you'd like to see to the server, complaints about any bugs, or simply talk about Minecraft or other hobbies. Connect to your fellow players!
Our server strives off of your opinions and suggestions. Sign up at our link to keep in touch with all of our updates, player polls for changes, and player contests.
Use the forums to advertise openings in your faction, hold your own contests, advertise your player shop, and more.

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