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Here we have 3 worlds Spawn, Plotland and Survival with a whole bunch of plugins. Each of the worlds have a different feel with Plotland dominated with giant plots with creative mode to build your dreams without worrying about grief and with world edit to all voters, Survival with PVP anywhere and no item drop on death, Economy from time, monster hunting and more! We also have excellent donator benefits as well as friendly, helpful and well trained staff.

We have several vote links that allow you to unlock extra features on the server. You can vote once per day at every link. Voting helps keep new people joining the server and the more the merrier. Voting will unlock WorldEdit in Plotland for the day upto 5000 blocks (limit will be increased soon ) as well as giving you a bonus $10,000 in game cash.

At TJP there is a rather complex rank system however it allows for more promotions and an enhanced excitement to the game. The first two ranks are unlocked after a small amount of playtime. These will then open up new commands and other extras such as more homes etc. This prevents players finding the server mealy to cause trouble and then never return. After 100lp (100 minutes playtime) you will unlock member and 250lp (250 minutes playtime) you will unlock the availability for a tier one rank path. In total there are three Rank paths each based on a different world; Redstoner and Builder are the tier one paths for Creative whereas Survivor is for Survival. Each path has different ways to rank up for example Survival ranks include duelling a member of staff in specific armour and Builder ranks submitted builds being ranked by players for a total mark. Each path will unlock different but similar privileges such as High builders gain more commands for WorldEdit in plotland for voting and Survivors able to set more homes and discounts on some shops.

We accept donations to our server however in a unique way. Firstly donations stack. That is to say if you donated $10 then 2 months later another $10 you will receive benefits for the $20 category. Different ranks and perks are available for each donation amount. This ranges up to a total of $100 for witch receive benefits such as more plots in Plotland, in game money, the change to import schematics into the server, extra commands such as disguises, VIP ranks as well as a personal world, with personal ranks and plugins all at your disposal available to configure in game! Also onto of all these awesome perks you can chose what cause your money goes to. 50% of each donation will go towards maintaining, upgrading and sustaining the server. The other 50% is up to your choice. You can choose what you want it to go towards between my favourite charity (special effect), more server upkeep, and server upgrades.

The Rules are simple at TJP. We only have a few and they are all reasonable. To enforce these rules our staff members have different guidelines depending on what offense is made. For example for 50 blocks of grief Admins will jail the perpetrator for 15minutes game time however for over 50 blocks of grief perpetrators will be punished more vigorously. I have already mentioned our griefing rule; rules in full can be viewed below and by doing /rules in game. Punishments can include anything from a warning, to a mute, jail time (all done within game playtime so it is inescapable) towards more sever punishments such as temp or perm ban. Full list of rules and punishments implemented by staff available at the link above.

More features
We also have more features out of the game to enhance your experience and overall increase your level of enjoyment. We have a dedicated Teamspeak3 server where you can chat to your friends and players in real time with a load of lobbies for privacy. We also have separate chat areas so you can talk to only other people in your world, or only a few friends in the case of not using Teamspeak. We also have a GREAT voting policy. As a thanks for each vote you make you will receive $10 000 in game money. This is enough to buy you 2.5 diamonds at the admin shop however up to 4 from our player market. You also receive permission for limited WorldEdit in Plotland. As already said it is limited. You have a max block change of 10 000 blocks and are only able to use it in plots you have access to prevent obvious griefing. Not all commands are activated however we are open to suggestions for new commands if you need more. Other features include a player market in survival. This is a collection of market stalls that are linked to the survival spawn. They are run and owned by players just like you who have rented out stalls. Here you can catch awesome deals to get better prices then the main shops.

Easter eggs
After careful consideration I decided not to place this under “More features” for the main reason that it is a large section. I am a great fan of Easter eggs so have put an absolute tone of them into my server. Some can be purchased in game with money however some can be found by players. Mainly these Easter eggs consist of chests packed with some awesome stuff sitting in random places all over the place, or ready built houses for purchase or free however these Easter eggs range all the way up to entire islands custom built for a theme such as fantasy, huge jungle, desert and mountain ranges. All of these can be bought however some have to be found. Good Luck!

Worlds Info
Plot land offered a place to kick back and relax. With protections on your plot only the people you want can build in your area and with world edit all round there is no limit to what you can build! In the huge main plot you can find a bunch of my complex contraptions if you ever need any Redstone pimping or struggle with a tutorial available on my YouTube channel.

Survival is our most heavily populated world with no cheats, a player market, shops, friendly PVP arena, PVP enabled, no damage creepers, and an inventory that can never be lost on death! We also have Easter egg islands built for those lucky few who venture into the path of a terraformed mountain range, or perhaps a candy island as well as much much more that you could even need! So run into the distance, bunk with a buddy and forever punch trees, fight that pig that slagged you off and slaughter Steve, as well as get scammed by villagers, fall in lava and find DIAMONDS! Welcome to Survival!

Respect Staff and their decisions
No Griefing, Griefing clients, Cheating or stealing
No Antisocial behavior to members
No Lag machines / redstone clocks
No Build stealing
No Explicit language
No Advertising
No Spammingor excessive use of formating
No Asking for staff ranks

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