This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Elements


TheElements is a cracked PVP/Faction server designed to eliminate the annoyance of over powered players murdering you day in and day out. We manage this by balancing the donator and standard ranks so that not a single one is too greatly over powered. We also strive to create a lag-free, fun, and overall great experience on our server using a multitude of plugins and features that will enhance your minecraft experience to the fullest.

We allow users who have not yet purchased minecraft to join our server, creating a larger, more enriched player base.
Pvp/Greifing allowed-
Beware, you can, and will be griefed/killed! Be vigilant while exploring the wild!
Our mcmmo system caps all combat skills at one as to avoid any “One-Shotting” or unfair pvp situations. However, all our other non-pvp skills are capped at 1,000, allowing you to further advance your gathering skills!
Team up with friends and dominate as a group! Build a base today!
Beware! Other factions will raid your base! Be wary of who you trust.
Ability to gain ranks without making monetary donations-
We believe that everyone deserves a way to get a rank that will help progress there gameplay without a monetary donation.
Auction/Sell Hand-
Make money! You can auction items off to other players, or sell what youre holding right on the spot to the server, getting a fair price.

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