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Pez Factions


This server is Faction based with a Twist. We have many plugins such as CraftArrows, McMMO, More Bows, Mob Arena, etc. We also allow submissions for Mob Arena! Our Shop and Economy is great, and we are taking suggestions for the Shop! We already have many things in it, but we would love to add more! We have a small amount of rules, but they are all crucial. The server is very fun, and it isn't very strict either. Plugins such as LootPlus will make gathering resources easier! Also, you can grab spawners and change them thanks to EnhancedSpawners! If you wanna go fishing, well we really support that! We have McMMO and EnhancedFishing! Making this server the ultimate fishing server as well! Sometimes we have competitions too, involving Building, Minigames such as UHC and Herobrine's Onslaught, and regular PvP of course! Watch out at night though, the InfernalMobs, BloodMoon, MobBountyReloaded and DiabloDrops Plugins may scare you a bit, making mobs more rewarding but Tougher. We even have the More-Mobs plugin, which of course adds more mobs. Also, believe it or not, we have XPKeeper! Store your XP into Owner-Only breakable signs, and take it out whenever! It's like a Sign Bank for your XP! Well this was a brief explanation of my server! Give it a try and I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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