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What is slimePVP
SlimePVP great server with a sence of originality. We did not want to create another faction server....or another towny server and that is why we created SlimePVP, we are a server which uses grief protection and LWC allowing our players to enjoy minecraft the way it's ment to be played with no risk of raiding or people stealing your precious items.

How is the PVP in this server any different from all the other servers?
You see.... considering we didnt want something like factions where players never explore their building skills or creativity due to the permanent thought of being griefed, we decided not to add factions or towny.. our PVP system is increadibly fun to play as it allows players to CHOOSE when and were they want to pvp, although we allow pvp in the WILDERNES (unprotected land) we have a seperate world which is created entierly for events and pvp, this world (pvp aspects only) will have:

-MAIN PVP ARENA. this will be a HUGE arena with the size of a average minecraft biome in which players will be able to join and choose when they want to fight. In this arena there will be a weekly event where a deathmatch will begging and the last player standing will get increadible prices as well as a PVP tittle (later explained)
-ARENAS- the reason we wanted to implement 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 and 10v10 arenas is in order to create what we call "DUELS" if a player wants to have a official duel a staff member can be called to moderate a match where players will face eachother fairly. We also added this arenas in order to have tournaments, there will be pvp tournaments with a ladder system every month where the winner will get a PVP tittle..

in order to make a fun pvp system we added a seperate ranking ladder, most server you will find will have 2-3 ranking ladders which tend to be : staff (mod, admin, owner) donator (coal, silver, diamond) and a external one which could do with specialized plugins, we created a PVP ladder, this is a ladder with 5 different ranks which players can earn to show their skill in PVP and their past victories in different events. The highest rank of this ladder is PVPwarlord, this rank is obtained by winning the once-a-month pvp tournament.. only one person can have this rank at once.

Why should i play on this server?
Not only we have a unique server gameplay but also we have allot of fun and useful things that you should keep in mind, some of which are:

-We are on 24/7 with a uptime of 99%(we basically only go offline to reload the server)
-We pride ourself by saying we have a balanced staff system where only a few will be able to join, what we mean by this is that we find that allot of servers allow anyone with a simple template app to become staff, SLIMEpvp is a server where staff is chosen very carefuly in order to achieve a good, responsable and helpful team of staff.
-Balanced donations, donations in this server give players rewards and tools that help the player in a unfair way since the rewards for donating wont be ridiculous stuff such as: /fly /ban /tp....etc, we thing it is important that donators get rewarded in a good way but keeping balance.

and allot more stuff,,, please remeber to leave a diamond if you think we deserve it :D

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