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HomicidiumCraft - Factions, mcMMO, and more!


Introducing HomicidiumCraft: Minecraft's latest Hardcore Faction PVP server.
Browsing through Minecraft Server listings, one is bound to find hundreds of these servers; however, HomicidiumCraft is different from the rest, and these differences make the server one of the best currently online:

When we say hardcore, we mean it. Many servers that advertise themselves as 'Hardcore' usually put in place bizarre guidelines that take away the fun of being 'hardcore'. On HomicidiumCraft, griefing, raiding, stealing, and pillaging are all allowed. If you are able to do something in standard, unaltered Minecraft, it is permitted on HomicidiumCraft. (With the exceptions of hacking, cheating, and exploiting unfair glitches).
There is no chest protection. All chests out in the world are either free for all, or protected by a faction. Every player can use the ender chests at spawn, and Guardians get access to a /chest.
We actually listen.We follow the golden rule of service: The player is king. Unlike most servers, where the staff with authoritative power become oppressive and aggressive, our server is proud to have a small group of mature staff members that make sure that you, the player, is having the most (legitimate) fun possible. If you bring an idea, concern, or comment to any staff member, they will listen, and make sure that any improvements are made. (Note: this does not mean that players can disrespect staff. They put rules in place for good reason, and fighting with them will get you in trouble, not them. If you think they are abusing, let us know on the website; do not harass them about it)

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