This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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RyeCraft [Survival] [Skywars] [Parkour]


Server IP: RyeCraft.In

RyeCraft Network is a server dedicated to providing a friendly experience to gamers regardless of age, experience, or time spent online. Our server uses BungeeCord to provide four servers which allow you to play Survival, Parkour, Skywars or events whenever you want. These servers are separate from each other meaning if you die in Skywars, you won’t lose anything in Survival.
Survival: We run this world on the idea of letting you do as much as possible in survival and preventing others from ruining your fun. Currently 5000x5000 blocks, our survival world does not allow pvp, griefing, stealing, or raiding. Members can either choose to work on their own, utilize the GriefPrevention plugin and join a town of others, or eventually found their own town on the server.
Skywars: With a mini-game that has over 17+ kits and much players, over 10 custom maps. We like to call this server our first ever server that was successful, we have had many spawns, many bugs but we feature the best quality. Custom plugins and Particle packs.
Parkour: With 4 maps and more coming this Parkour is amazing with a custom parkour hub, different levels. More perks coming soon. It has to be the best ever.
Want to donate? Well you can with amazing perks at our site, we feature over 20+ perks server wide with one rank that is amazing.

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