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Who are we?
we are a server that provides fairly balanced form of gameplay and puts the community at the first place,
we don't offer pay 2 win, so that all parties have an equal balance in power,
however donators will indeed get reasonable extra's.

So far we offer:
Survival (factions)
(Minigames *will be released once there's a bigger player base.)

We will expand our selection of gamemodes when the playerbase becomes bigger.
Also we're working on original aspects to our server, like GUI based shops.

As a server that likes to improve, we also like to see our players become friends.
Ofcourse that's not a must, but we enjoy seeing an interactive community communicate with eachother..

Survival contains factions,
the economy is not yet fully operational because we're working on a GUI for buying and selling items.
However you can ofcourse trade resources with other players who're online.

There's also pvp, however, unlike most servers it is dynamic.
At daytime pvp is enabled,
When night time arrives, however, pvp is being toggled off, and mobs will start tormenting you instead.

If you ever need help here,
don't mind askin anybody, there's probably someone who can help you.
(not even necesarilly a staff member.)

Like playing balanced and original survival
Then you will have to checkout our server!

Skyblock has a spawn which introduces you to the basics of what you need to know.
It also contains a shop and acts as a regional-skyblock lobby.

We made it easy for you to start playing skyblock emmediatelly,
the /is command will open a GUI that allows you to access whatever commands you need in an instant.
After creating your island you're ready to go without no annoying bedrock block lingering under your island.
Ready and set 

Also there's achievements like most servers have.
Are you a hardcore skyblock fan?
then our server is a must!

Creative has recently been added,
we use plots to allow our players to easily claim 32 by 32 landscapes for easy and protected building.
Add some friends and you're ready to go.

Not only do we just allow player to build on others on permission given by the land owner,
but also extra plots for members of the community (and thus registered on the website) and  donators.

if you like building, and you're dedicated on your builds,
then we most certainly offer a perfect creative-world experience for you.
So pay a visit, and discover the possibilities!

Our rules and additional information:

  1. Don't offend other players.
  2. No bad language (includes acronyms like 'wtf', 'gtfo' etc.).
  3. Don't grief.
  4. Don't use hacks.
  5. Don't use/create AFK machines/pools (macro's are listed under hacks).
  6. Only speak English in the main chat.
  7. Don't spam/flood in the chat.
  8. Don't advertise.
  9. Don't ask for free ranks, items or permissions.
  10. Don't try to scam anyone on the server, this includes trying to scam the server
       by saying you're from PMC, IT WON'T WORK!)

Additional info :

If you're a youtube with over 500 subs,
   and are willing to do a video on the server then we'll offer you a youtuber rank.

No, we don't need any staff, we will either pick you if we think you're qualified,
   look like a good staff member in a staff application, if you keep asking about a staff application then you
   should however have known better.

You can ask anybody on the server your questions, not only staff personall is dedicated on the server.

Voting helps the server a lot and will give you a rare chance on a free donator kit,
   full diamond kit, 3 diamonds and points which you can use on the website.

If you have any questions/suggestions or maybe some bugs you found in-game?
   Use the forums to get them reviewed.

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