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xP// Build is a somewhat long running server that features the Towny plot management plugin as well as a whole economy system using plugins such as Jobs and Auctions to manage a player-run economy. If you're not aware of the Towny plugin, it basically divides the entire world into sections known as plots. These sections are all 15x15x256 in size and on a grid. Once you attain enough coins from playing, you can start a town on one of these plots. You're then able to expand the town by claiming adjacent plots, or non-adjacent plots known as 'outposts'. Anyone who is not in your town is then disallowed from building, destroying, switching or even using items within your town, depending on how you set the permissions. However, once you get some residents, you're able to sell plots to them in which they'll be able to build houses or whatever they feel like. It's a very simple to use but powerful system that in my experience is more often used by mature servers than the ones that run similar plugins, E.G. factions.

Jobs is a plugin that lets you join up to two jobs and make money depending on what the job requires you to do. This can be simple things such as fishing, with varying job XP and income for each catch, to blacksmithing and smelting (we also have a plugin that lets you smelt items back into their base items). By levelling up these jobs you're able to gain more income and climb your way up the ladder of capitalism. Auctions is very simple, you're able to broadcast an auction to the rest of the online players. They can then bid on your item based on your starting price and increment. Other than directly paying a player, this is the safest way to sell things quickly and globally. ChestShop is a plugin we've had since the beginning. You're able to create shops using chests and signs that can be used even when you're offline, allowing for self-running shops, malls, markets etc. All you need to do is set them up and fill the chests with stock, and you're good to go! However, it's not just Towny that makes this server special. It's multiworld, meaning we have more than one world if you get bored of Towny. Plot creative is our most popular world, where, like Towny, you're able to claim large plots of land to build anything you desire on in creative mode. There's also a freebuild world if you don't want to be restricted to plots (griefing is possible here but is bannable).

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