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Ascended Craft[PVP] IP:
AscendedCraft is a server made by experienced players who have had it with abusive, greedy Owners, unbalanced gameplay, unfair donation advantages and glitch abusers. This server's focus is a"Balanced" PvPenvironment that invites players of all tiers to compete. The Arena is the Heart of AscendedCraft, allowing players to battle it our in an enclosed area. Also, the server includes plugins and features such asAuctions,Factions,Shops, ,SilkTouchSpawnersHealthBars, and much more! As far as balance goes, we havedisabled GoDApples, and enderpearls. We've even gone as far as custom coding to remove any teleport glitching, boat glitching, and glitches in general. Most importantly we have a great staff who treats players with respect and will take the time to figure out and resolve any problems. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, feel free to shout out your recommendations! So what are you waiting forLOG ON TODAY!VISIT OUR PLANET MINECRAFT:http://www.planetmin...nded-craft-pvp/
Additional Details
A Completely Balanced PvP server created by players for players! 24/7 COME JOIN!

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